The Top Ten Things That Makes Your Engine Work Effectively

06 Sep

The engine is not a new thing, and it has been there for many years.  For the first engines made, they only had a single cylinder and 2 strokes.  In the recent days with the high levels of innovations a lot of things have changed, and more have been put in the car engines making them more complicated.  So as to understand your  car engine  well, here are  some of the things that you should know about the  parts of the car engine.

Engine block.  In here is the heart of the engine and all the activities start here.  Oil path, the  cylinder, and the air and water vent are the significant components of the engine block.   The engine block  can be termed the spine  when it  comes  to the humans.

The other element that we should take about is the piston.   The pistons ate located in the engine block, and the primary purpose of the piston is to give power to the vehicle that makes the car more at a different speed.

The connecting rod is the other component, as the word goes, the connecting rod is used to connect the piston and the crankshaft.  It transfers the force delivered by the piston and takes it to the crankshaft, view here!

Crankshaft.  The main work of the crankshaft is to ensure that it converts the upwards and the downward movement of the piston into a   rotational motion.   The grease that is in the crankshaft is essential to avoid friction. Learn more about this here.

Oil sump.  It is a metal casing contained at the bottom of the crankshaft, it contains a lot of lubrication that helps to prevent friction.

Engine head is the other component that allows in air and allows the engine to exhaust out.  Click here to learn more info.

Valves.  Its functionality is  to ensure that air gets in the engine in and out when needed.

The other component is the camshaft.   The camshaft works to moderate the opening and the closing of the valve.

Timing belt.   The main  work of the  timing belt is to ensure that the linear movement of the piston is converted  to rotational movement. Click here to know more about it.

To end  with, let's consider the spark plug where its purpose  is to start the engine  with a spark .  Learn more about the engine here.

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